Our Rutab is a sun ripened ready to eat fruit which changes from green to yellowor redand at this stage has high moisture content.

Depending on the variety it can be harvested at different stages.

Some varieties like Samaawe and Helowa are harvested in full colour without any ripening, while others are harvested when they are half ripe like the Ruthana. Depending on consumer preferences some of the Rutabs are harvested when they fully ripe.

All Rutabs are handpicked twice daily in temperatures exceeding 48 degrees Celsius.


Unlike Rutabs, dates are similar to dried fruit. Each date cluster is covered by netting and is sundried on the tree, until the moisture is reduced to about 20%. We then cut the whole cluster off to grade, sort, and clean,as per our standard packaging procedure.

Subject to unsold, normally our full range is available year round.

“Pure goodness from the heart of the Arabian desert”.™